Refurbished Bookends

Another beautiful weekend in Calgary! I had the opportunity to participate in Parkland’s community parade of garage sales on Saturday and boy am I glad I spent the day in my parent’s neighbourhood. Not only do they have the sweetest neighbours all around but it was a gold mine for hidden treasures.

One of their neighbours gave me these Calgary Stampede inspired book ends for free as a  “welcome to the neighbourhood gift”. How sweet right? Now the book ends were not in the greatest condition but they are truly vintage as they were made in 1967. They were chipped and needed a cleaning but I already had my next DIY project in mind.

HorseBookEnd1To fix the chipped corners I took a drywall sanding block (thanks Matt!) and gently sanded off the chipped pieces and rounded the edges. I purchased a can of ‘Gold 14K’ finish spray paint from Michaels (cost was only $4.99) and viola! They look great and just in time for the upcoming Calgary Stampede!




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