Basement Renovation. Before & After.

You know you’re spending too much time at Home Depot when the ladies at the entrance desk greet you by first name. Over the past two years, we’ve completed quite a few renovations in this home but one of our favourite projects was the basement renovation.

When we first purchased this house we knew some blood, sweat and tears would need to go into the basement. Gotta love wood panelling! The cherry-on-top was the red vinyl headboard glued to the walls. What a 80’s disaster.

IMG_0122Our goal was to turn the space into an entertaining space where one could unwind on a Friday night with a glass of wine after a long work week or cuddle up and watch a movie together.

Here are some of our favourite BEFORE snapshots!


IMG_0123We knew from the start that the wood panelling had to say its final goodbye! Matt ripped off all the paneling and installed new insulation and drywall for the entire basement. After patching and sanding we were ready for a new colour theme. We decided to go with a warm gray tone for the wall colours.The gray is from Behr Paint  and is known as Seagull Gray N360-1. We also decided to paint the two small walls behind the media entertainment system a light blue to give it a refreshing pop of colour. And of course, the baseboards we decided to paint a clean and crisp white colour.

Where the old red vinyl was installed along the windows we decided to install a real rock design. This gray tones in the rock complimented our paint colour choices. We decided to not remove the brick wall or the vintage fireplace as it was a nice feature to the room. It just needed some updating. We painted the bricks a pure white to allow the dark fireplace to “POP” in the space.

IMG_0138The old laminate floors were removed and a fresh set of floors were installed. We chose a darker tone to accent the walls better. The laminate floors we chose to install are from Costco. We are very satisfied with the product and even keeps the basement warm in the colder winter months. We also installed new windows in the basement as the other ones before were quite old.

Here are some of the AFTER snapshots of our basement after the renovation was complete! IMG_2194


In total our basement renovation took approximately 4 weeks to complete. Remember, both of us work full time jobs and this was something we were putting overtime hours into in our spare evenings and weekends. We love how the basement space turned out and get many compliments from our family and friends. (Thanks guys for the immense amount of support!) Now we’re off to Home Depot again.. another project on the verge of being completed. Till next time.


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