Kitchen Renovations Custom VS. Do It Yourself Options

Have you ever thought to yourself which home improvement projects pay off the most? Many agree that remodelling or completely renovating the home’s kitchen can boost the resale value quite significantly in the right market. According to Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen renovation (approximately $15,000) ┬ácan assist more likely with a 92.9% return on investment. The kitchen is where families gather, cook together and make memories.

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen have you thought about the options that are currently available on the market? Can you afford a custom built kitchen? Maybe a coat of paint on the cabinet doors is all you need to freshen up the space? It all comes down to budget. How much are you wanting to spend on your kitchen renovation? We love the following summarized description chart from ItsGreatToBeHome site to showcase the differences between a custom kitchen and a do it yourself option.


With our first home that we completed the kitchen renovation in, we decided to complete a semi-custom brand new kitchen. We couldn’t just repaint the cabinet doors and call it a day as they were falling apart. If you are considering just giving the cabinet doors a fresh new coat of paint then we recommend searching through Pinterest for some inspiration. IMG_0257There are thousands of ideas and easy step by step instructions.

We purchased our new kitchen cabinets from Ikea Canada. Our overall experience I would rate was an 8 out of 10. I was really impressed with their online kitchen planning tool which can be found here. I was able to input my exact kitchen measurements and design our new kitchen. Ikea also allows you to save your design which is perfect. Once saved, you head to your nearest Ikea location, login and print your kitchen design. We were able to pick up our entire new kitchen in one afternoon. A word of advice, I highly recommend going to pick up the Ikea kitchen on a IMG_2227weekday rather then the weekend. On a weekend you could be waiting over a couple of hours for your order to be picked in their warehouse. In regards to colour, we went with a Perfekt Adel colour which is a medium brown tone and in the middle price range from their options currently available.


Our new kitchen lighting and backsplash tiles were both purchased from Home Depot. Matt installed the backsplash tiles himself and boy do they look fantastic! The tiles were tones of ice blue, white and grey which assisted in making the cabinets stand out. We believe the tiles were called Arctic Ice. We went with a darker laminate for the counter instead of a granite or marble choice because we knew if we were going to resell this home we would not be getting as high of a return on investment. We’re hoping for a rock countertop such as marble or granite in the next kitchen project.

Remember, kitchen renovations are not a simple overnight project. They can take weeks even sometimes months depending on how motivated you are, how much time per day you can give and how much you are able to invest financially into the project.

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