10 Essential Travel Tips for your Next Adventure

As of next week, the two of us will be boarding a plane with our family for a 3 week adventure across Europe. Are we excited? Absolutely! Traveling is by far one of our favourite things to do when we are not renovating or decorating. Hence why I’m excited to share with you some of our favourite travel tips.

Bon Voyage! TravelLove

  1. To keep your clothes smelling fresh pop a couple dryer sheets in your suitcase.
  2. Always pack a hat. Keeps the sun off your face and is the perfect accessory for a ‘bad hair’ day.
  3. Bring a travel first aid kit. You should always have the following on you. Ibuprofen, bandages, decongestant, a pack of Halls and gravol.
  4. Don’t forget your camera charger!
  5. Never pack something that you have never worn before. Chances are you probably won’t feel as comfortable in it as your favourite t-shirt.
  6. Always ask museum staff for tips. They’ll tell you what the best exhibits are to check out and may fill you in on some local secrets.
  7. If you have an inkling to take a photo of something then TAKE IT!
  8. Dry shampoo is gold!
  9. Make photocopies of your passport and leave a copy back home with a family member in case of any emergencies.
  10. Be open to new adventures. They make the best memories & stories to tell back home.

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