Renovation & Life Update

KitchenRenoHi! We are alive! I promise! Since getting back from Europe and moving into our new home there has been a lack of love for our Home and Bliss site. But all for good reasons (we promise!). Firstly, we jumped straight into renovation mode and are currently tackling our kitchen. We’re turning our current 80’s kitchen space into our dream kitchen. We’re using grey tones with high gloss white combinations. The cooking space is going to look incredible. We are even adding an island in the middle with a wine fridge perfect for wine o’clock! As soon as we get some more cabinets installed we will post some more photos.

Secondly, the other reason for the lack of posts lately is because Matt and I are proud to announce that we are expecting! Just a few days after moving into our new home we photolearned that we were going to be parents in the new year. We’re both very excited! We wanted to thank everyone for the abundance of love + support we’ve received in the last few weeks. We couldn’t keep it a secret for long and we can’t wait to meet our little jellybean in May 2015. With this exciting baby news it means its time for us to roll up our sleeves, get dirty and tackle those renos. Don’t worry! I have been taking lots of breaks and naps as recommended by my doctor. There will most definitely be a nursery design up on our blog in the new year. Stay tuned for more details to follow. For now, if you’re interested in following our renovation updates why not check out my Instagram account? I try my best to post renovation picture updates on a weekly basis. @Carpediemmme


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