Prepare to Live Fully in 2015

The holiday hangover. We have all experienced it. After all the glitz and glam of the holidays is over many of us crave a fresh start. Including us! For some it means hitting the gym on a daily basis while for others it might mean getting their home more organized.

For us, January is a time to focus on living more simply by streamlining our routines. I like to focus on simple steps such as what I can do to reduce the number of steps I take each morning to get dressed? Setting up meal plans for the week ahead so there’s less time spent at the grocery store and more time together around our kitchen island. By taking the opportunity to refocus our personal and professional life we make our lives a little easier.

Matt and I recently signed up for a free organizing app on our phones known as Trello. It’s free and we highly recommend checking it out. It allows us both to streamline our schedules and tasks we need to complete. I love having organized to-do lists but hate the hassle of having papers everywhere.

One area I want all of us (including you!) to focus more on this year is taking care of yourself. Both mentally and physically because you deserve it! Do what you need to, to take care of you. Book that massage. Take that yoga class you’ve been waiting to try. Remember the most productive people put self-care at the top of their to do lists.

What can you do today to live more fully this year?

  • Prep your lunch for tomorrow, tonight. Save that $10 bucks you were going to spend on lunch for those shoes you’ve been dreaming of owning.
  • Opt out from one credit card solicitation
  • Sign up for online banking and pay your bills online. Save time and gas from having to run to the bank.
  • Spend 5 minutes at the end of each work day preparing for tomorrow by cleaning off the surface of your desk. Starting off each day with a clean desk can keep you focused and motivated.

Happy New Year friends! The best is yet to come.


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