Make your Trick or Treat Extra Sweet Calgary

The Sugar Cube is known for being able to satisfy any sweet tooth you might have and can be spotted all around Calgary as it essentially is a candy store on wheels. It seriously is one of our family’s favourite food trucks in Calgary!

Well, this October is extra sweet for them as they have kicked off their “Make Your Trick or Treat Extra Sweet” campaign. On Halloween night, the truck will be parking itself for two hours in one Calgary community and be giving away free candy and hot chocolate. Yes you heard us… FREE candy!

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself how do I get that candy truck parked in my community? Simple. By giving a little. The Sugar Cube has created a special donation page in association with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. All the money raised in the next couple of weeks will go towards supporting child health programs.

The campaign ends on October 25, 2015. The donations will be tallied and the Calgary community that donated the most will see the truck on Halloween night. The winning community will be announced on October 26, 2015 via their social media.

Now, what are you waiting for! Let’s give a little for a great cause. My husband and I have already made our contribution and we’ve got our fingers crossed we will see the candy truck in front of our community in a couple of weeks. We love supporting local initiatives, especially the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation as we have had to use their amazing services for our son in the past. 

To make a donate and vote for your Calgary community please click here. On the donation page, there is a box to enter your Calgary community name. To learn more about The Sugar Cube visit their site

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