Powder Bathroom Upgrade

A powder bathroom may seem like a challenge since they are usually tight spaces to work with and can only accommodate a few items such as a vanity sink and tiolet. But, these spaces are the perfect area in your home to try bold design statements because of their size. 

Our powder bathroom on the main floor of our current home was ugly. No other way to put it. Nothing matched. The colours were awful. The space just felt wrong on so many levels. The vanity looked like it was put together from leftover builder’s material. Don’t get me started on the tanning bed lights above the mirror. And why would anyone choose a sunshine yellow colour for the countertop?

We started off the renovation by shopping around for the perfect vanity for the space. The process was harder then we thought because the selection these days is quite vast. What I did know, is I wanted to capitalize on the storage space within the unit.

We ended up purchasing the Godmorgan/Odensvik vanity in high gloss white from IKEA Canada. We chose this vanity because of the amount of space both drawers offer. I can literally store away all of our medical stuff like band-aids and cough drops while still having space in the lower unit for bathroom items such as tiolet paper. The vanity unit was easy to build but we do recommend at least two individuals installing the unit to the wall as it can be heavy for only one person.

Matt also installed a low flow two option tiolet into the powder bathroom. Not only does the unit save water but it also allows us to save on our monthly utilities. Did you know the City of Calgary has a Residential Tiolet Replacement Program? You should look into it if you are considering renovating a bathroom soon. For every old style tiolet you replace, you could be eligible for a $50 rebate from the City of Calgary. To learn more about this rebate program please click here. We got our rebate! So our new low flow tiolet cost us less than $50 bucks. FullSizeRender[1]

We painted the walls the same grey tone as the rest of our home on the main floor. However, I wanted to add a ‘pop’ of something to the space. I had leftover wallpaper from Adam’s nursery design so I kindly asked Matt to install a section of it behind the tiolet. By doing this, the small space feels a lot bigger. The great thing about wallpaper is if you really hate it after installing it you can always easily remove the product.

The light fixture was purchased from Lowe’s Canada along with the bathroom accessories including the towel holder and tiolet paper bar. While the oval shaped mirror was purchased from Home Depot. I love the mirror for the fact that it has a transparent feature to it which allows the colour of the wall to drift through.
To make a powder bathroom more hospitable we recommend some accessories. If you can’t afford to completely remodel your current bathroom try adding a fresh coat of paint, hanging up a new piece of art, purchasing some new plush white towels or investing in some luxurious soaps. The small details will make your guests in your home feel more welcomed.

Are you currently planning any renovations for your home? We’d love to hear from you and your upcoming projects. We are currently in the midst of designing our next bathroom renovation. The marble honeycomb style floor tiles were delivered this week and they look stunning!

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