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As some of you know, we love celebrating the holidays around our home. I’m already in the midst of detail planning for our upcoming holiday bake exchange party while also trying to figure out what our Christmas theme colours are going to be for this season. Do you like to choose different theme colours for the holidays? MintedHolidayCard

Every year Matt and I take the opportunity to create a holiday card that we love to mail out to family and friends. I think there’s something special about receiving warm Christmas wishes in the mailbox instead of just a text message. I also create a space in our home to display the holiday greetings we receive from loved ones. It is one way we feel we stay connected with others that we do not get to see on a daily basis. Last year we mailed warm wishes to family and friends in Canada, the United States, France, Ireland, Poland and Germany.

This year we have the pleasure of working with the wonderful team at Minted to create our special custom Christmas card. There were so many beautiful options to choose from and the best part is, is that Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe. This means we get to support artists and help them gain exposure which they truly deserve.

Some of our favourite holiday trends that we got to play around with on their user friendly website included hand-drawn patterns, bold colour palettes and dark grey metallics. Minted even offers real foil-pressed holidays cards in colours such as gold, silver and rose gold.

After a few hours of having fun designing our holiday card we decided to choose the Season’s Favourites Christmas design by artist Melissa Egan from Chicago, Illinois. We fell in love with this design because the wording on the holiday card is truly how we feel about the Christmas season. Yes we do admit, that we are quite a busy family renovating our home but it is important to take a break and remember what is most important in our lives. We love to create special holiday memories, eat lots of fresh cookies and be merry with family and friends.HolidayCardMinted

Here are some of the reasons why we loved our holiday card making experience with Minted:

  1. Every card comes in various shapes. Even though we are simple folk and love the rectangle style, you can get really fancy with all the different options available like scalloped edges or even turning your holiday card into a Christmas tree ornament.
  2. Easily upload your favourite picture(s). All the Minted card designs allow you to see what your pictures will look like in the design before you order them. We love being able to preview a product before checking out.
  3. A variety of colour options. Almost every holiday card comes in an assortment of colours. So if for example you have a colour theme of blue and gold this year, you can have your Minted holiday cards match.
  4. You get to meet and work with the artist online. If you have any questions or requests you can get in contact with each artist. We also love that Minted allows you to learn about each of artists and where they are from on their website. We love being able to support and grow small businesses.
  5. Promotions. Who doesn’t love saving a couple extra bucks especially around the holiday season? Minted almost always has some sort of promotion to help you stay within your budget. Currently until November 9th you can receive $25 off plus free shipping on your holiday card order by using the promo code BRIGHT25
  6. All about the pretty packaging. We received our order very quickly and we were very impressed with how everything was securely packaged so nothing arrived damaged by mail. The order was perfect. The note from the artist who made our holiday cards was also a nice warm touch that we truly appreciated. FullSizeRender copy
  7. High quality paper. The paper that our cards are printed on is amazing. We added the option of a pearlescent paper because this mama loves things that shimmers! Minted also has a eco-friendly option available and can print your holiday cards on premium 100% recycled paper.

We would love to hear what you are planning to do this upcoming holiday season to spread some holiday cheer. Do you still mail out Christmas cards? We would love to a Minted holiday card from you to display on our newly renovated fireplace mantle.


*Please note this is a sponsored post. Home and Bliss has received payment, trade and/or products from Minted in exchange for reviewing the site. 

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  1. I love your holiday card! It’s adorable. Thanks for the tips I’m definitely going to check out Minted for our family Christmas card this year.

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