Free Printable Labels for Organizing your Home

From our kitchen pantry to our tools – labels have become a life saver in our home. With the amount of renovating and moving we have done within the past decade they have become like a part of our family. Labels have changed how we have organized our home and I am always looking for new fresh ideas on how to make labelling look professional yet adorable at the same time.

It’s as simple as acknowledging where something belongs. Once you label something, you don’t need to think twice about where you misplaced that item. In our quest in becoming more organized, I’ve rounded up our favourite FREE printable labels that you too can use in your home. Happy labelling!



Kitchen Spice Jar Labels – From Worldlabel

These spice labels come in an adorable teal colour with a funky font that we just love! You can print both pre-written and blank labels so you can customize them yourself.

laundry labels


Laundry Room Labels – From Tales of a Crafty Mom 

These laundry themed labels make it so easy to organize your laundry room. I’m currently in the midst of designing our new laundry room layout and I cannot wait to print these out and start using them!

storage labels


Storage Labels – From Better Homes & Garden

Love these labels because they are multi-functional for practically any room in your home. I’ve even printed them off before and used them as gift tags. You can download these as PDF files. Bonus!


homemadecanninglabelHomemade Floral Mason Jar Labels – From Minted Strawberry 

I am a sucker for mason jars & vintage vibes so these labels are perfect for your next canning project. They are adorable and come in two different sizes. Looking forward to gifting a friend with some of our sweet blueberry jam with these labels.




Organizing Labels – From My Love For Words

Love these labels and am looking forward to using them again for our upcoming spring cleaning! I’m a big believer in if we haven’t used something in over a year either sell or donate the item. Otherwise your home starts to look like an episode of a hoarding television show.

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