Hosting a Budget Friendly Baby Shower

When it comes to life’s biggest events, it’s all about taking the opportunity to celebrate them. This past month I had the honour of co-hosting a baby shower for a dear friend of ours who is expecting this upcoming summer. Thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration and creativity we were able to pull off a fabulous yet budget friendly baby shower!¬†Baby P

One of the most important things to remember when planning any type of function is your ultimate budget. Are you the only one contributing or are there others that will also assist financially? Once the estimated budget has been planned you are able to move forward. I always estimate 5-10% more just to give myself a little wiggle room.

Choose fun invitations. Try and stay away from Facebook invites for an event such as a baby or bridal shower as its nice to receive something in the mail other then bills. There are some great invitation options available that are adorable and affordable. For instance check out Etsy. There are some talented graphic designers on there that can create almost any type of invitation you could imagine and then you could simply print them at home yourself or at your local stationary store. Other options such as Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and VistaPrint offer reasonable prices and you can usually find an online promo code to save an extra few bucks.

pink lemonade

Have fun choosing a theme for the baby shower. In this day and age you don’t need to stick to just pink or blue decorations. You could do a nautical “Ahoy It’s a Boy” theme or a “Oh The Places You’ll Go” Dr. Suess theme. The possibilities are endless. We decided to host a Kate Spade theme for Baby P’s shower. It included lots of pink, gold glittery hearts and of course the timeless black and white stripes.

Another great tip to consider if you’re on a stricter budget is to look around for deals online when it comes to decorations. For instance check out other local mommy groups on Facebook or Kijiji listings to see if anyone is selling any gently used decorations. Also go through your storage room to see if you have any items you may be able to use for the upcoming event. For example I love to host dinner parties and celebrations in general so I had plenty of cake stands ready to go for the deserts that I did not have to buy or ask a friend if you could borrow an item.


The other option is to even consider making some of the decorations yourself. For example, I was wanting giant pink and gold pom poms around my home for decor purposes for the baby shower. A set of 3 currently retails for around $16.99 at the nearest party store. Instead I look up online and found instructions on how to make them myself easily (which I’ve also linked instructions¬†here just in case you’re interested.) The rough cost to make one was approximately $1.50. I made 15 of them which is roughly $22.50 in supplies instead of paying $84.95 (before tax!) at the party store. A savings of roughly $62.45. I don’t know about you but that’s an extra couple of bottles of wine!

If you are planning on serving food at the baby shower, another great way to stay on budget is to prepare the food you will be serving yourself. Catering can add up quickly and eat up a big chunk of anyone’s budget. Instead of ordering catered sandwiches and finger foods for our shower I simply took the opportunity to head to Costco and purchase my supplies in bulk. I made croissant sandwiches that were a hit! We had two flavours, a chicken almond cranberry or turkey and smoked cheddar. If you’re not capable of preparing all the food yourself why not ask close family or friends to pitch in and prepare something such as a salad they could bring? A potluck style lunch could be another option.


Balloons and streamers are another decorating option that are cost effective yet pack a punch when it comes to photo backdrops. You can purchase mini helium tanks from your local store and blow up balloons yourself instead of paying retail pricing. My only suggestion is to ensure you use the helium from those mini tanks the day of your party a couple hours before the event. The helium in those tanks only usually last between 6-10 hours.

Overall we were thrilled with the results of how everything came together for the baby shower but most importantly we had the opportunity to shower our dear friend with all the love she deserved. We can’t wait to meet Baby P in a few short months. For now though I’m heading back into party planning/decorating mode as our son’s 1st birthday is already next weekend! Stay tuned for the results! We are hosting a Fun to be One Circus theme. Its going to be such a special day for us with our dearest family and friends.




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