Bathroom Renovation Before & After Reveal

Oh happy day! It’s been a whirlwind of busy days for our household lately but we are excited to finally share with you all our freshly renovated upstairs bathroom. It took just over two months to complete from start to finish at the beginning of 2016 but we think the time was well worth spent.



We will begin the bathroom makeover reveal by reminding everyone what it looked like prior to the renovation beginning. Bland tiles. Old window. And that seashell inspired sink is definitely the cake topper in our books! Let’s take a moment to appreciate how un-aesthetically pleasing our bathroom looked.


We decided to renovate this bathroom section by section to ensure we still had somewhere to bathe Adam in the evenings. He just loves his bath time! Outside sprinklers just weren’t an option in Calgary in the month of February. Although there were a couple nights where there were no tiles on the walls we managed to keep the splashing under control.


For this bathroom renovation I was envisioning a spa-like retreat therefore I stuck to light and bright colour palettes. To transform the spaceĀ Matt fully destroyed the bathtub/shower area within a couple of hours. All the tiles were gutted and the metal tub was removed. This allowed us to install new plumbing fixtures and water-proof drywall. We purchased our new white marble tiles and deep soaker tub from Home Depot. In the design stage of this project we also created an extra built-in shelf in the wall of the shower area. It’s a great extra storage solution for storing your bathing products. If you have the opportunity to incorporate one, we highly recommend this option.


Between work and other family responsibilities it took us approximately two weeks to fully finish putting back the new bathing area together. We love how the tiles look in the new space!

We then moved along to tiling the bathroom floors. I fell in love with these white marble hexagon mosaic tiles from Lowe’s. I thought they would look lovely (which they do!) but they were difficult to install. Matt even taught me how to tile the floor, which I appreciate the lesson in tiling but I would much rather design spaces.


After the bathroom floors were completed we wrapped up the renovation with installing a new low flow tiolet, painting the walls, replacing the old window and door, installing new casings + vanity and replacing the old lighting fixture.



When planning a bathroom renovation it is important to shop around to ensure you stick to your budget and see what other competitors have to offer. The lighting fixture has this vintage yet modern vibe to it which I just adore. It was purchased from the Canvas Collection carried by Canadian Tire. Our vanity is from Ikea Canada while the new window, bathroom door and casings were purchased from Home Depot.


Overall, we are beyond satisfied with this bathroom transformation. The space looks bright yet relaxing. A great place for mama to enjoy a glass of wine with her bubble baths!


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