DIY Painted Watermelon Doormat

Happy May long weekend friends! To kick off the three day weekend we’ve got a fun and adorable DIY project that’ll get you in the mood for more summer days.

For this fun watermelon doormat project you will need the following:

  • Plain doormat(s)
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge
  • Paint or Spray paint
  • Painters Tape or Stencils if preferred

I picked up our doormats at Ikea Canada. The brand is called Trampa and they are heavy duty quality for only $16.99! To start the project, take your sponge and cut it into two pieces for the watermelon stamp. One will look like a pizza slice shape while the other will look like the skin of the watermelon.

Make sure your new rug is dry and clean before beginning to stamp. Take the pizza slice shape sponge and place it in either red or pink paint. Then start stamping the doormat in various directions all over the rug. Let the red sections dry before moving forward.


Once the red shapes are dry you will go back with the second piece of sponge that is the outer edge of the watermelon. Dip that sponge in a colour of green paint that you prefer and stamp around the edge of the red shapes like shown in the picture below.


It should look similar to this once both pieces of sponge are utilized on the doormat.


Let the green shapes dry completely before moving along. Once the paint has dried you will take your paintbrush and add black paint spots on the red section of the watermelon so they look like little watermelon seeds.


Once the black spots that look like watermelon seeds are painted on let the doormat dry for at least 24 hours before displaying outside. Once dry place the doormat in your entrance. If you’re not a fan of watermelons you could also use various stencils to create other designs for your doormat. I also created a gold heart shape doormat for our front entrance using gold spray paint. We hope you have a fabulous long weekend and happy DIYing!


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