Easy Spring Craft to Add to Your Home Decor

The warm weather in Calgary has Spring on our minds! We are in the midst of completing our latest renovation project and are about half way there! So close yet so far away! The new laundry room is starting to take shape and I am loving the new features we will have in this space. Can’t wait to share more details once we are complete.

In the mean time while we wait for the new quartz countertops to be installed next week, Adam and I decided to create a new piece of spring decor for our front entrance. I love that he loves to do arts + crafts. We have the best time making stuff together.


To create this adorable bunny canvas for your home you will need a blank white canvas, paint supplies including paint brushes and paint, scissors, tape and either freezer paper or card stock.

Start by stencilling onto the freezer paper (or card stock) a bunny template of your choice. If you Google Bunny Clip Art, lots of variations will come up that you can print to stencil on the paper. Once you have drawn the bunny, cut the image out with your scissors.

Apply the stencil to the white canvas and tape all the corners so it doesn’t move around while your little one paints their heart out. I also put tape on the inside of the stencil by the ears as I thought it was a little fragile.

Let your little Picasso paint on the canvas! Once completely dry, remove the stencil. Viola! A cute painted bunny! For extra cuteness hot glue a craft pom-pom of your colour choice for a bunny tail.


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