Renovating, Work Schedules and Hello Fresh!

Between renovations, work schedules and toddlerhood lately, a healthy meal delivery service was just what our family needed to experience first hand this week. The meals presented online always look so delicious and we’re constantly seeing ads pop up on our social media so we decided why not give it a try.

There are several companies who now offer these type of healthy food delivery services in Calgary. We decided to give Hello Fresh a try. (Know that this review was not sponsored by the company however it was suggested by one of our friends who utilizes the services already. We’re just here to provide you with some honest feedback.)

Ordering from Hello Fresh was super easy. Very user friendly. They have members available to answer questions you might have. The website is easy to navigate and making a user account is done in a few quick and simple steps. We do have to note that you will need to store a credit card online to access the service. They promote their company in three simple steps. 1) Customize your weekly menu 2) Schedule your flexible delivery 3) Enjoy seasonal, fresh ingredients.

You can also choose the type of meal plan you would like delivered to your home. They have a veggie plan, a pronto plan and family plan. We decided to try the family plan because we love to cook in our household and the recipes for this week looked delicious.

In our Hello Fresh Family Plan we selected 3 meals for this week. We had chosen Italian Sausages with Veggie Succotash + Tomato Orzo, Seared Steak with Crispy Potato Salad and Pulled Chicken Sliders with a side of Tangy Cabbage Slaw. All our ingredients were delivered to our front step on Tuesday. I was skeptical about how the meat would stay cold as I was running errands in the morning followed by a splash park date and wasn’t home for most of the morning. We arrived just after lunch and there the box was just sitting waiting for us.

I was thoroughly impressed with all the packaging. The box was cool inside thanks to the insulated cardboard layer our meals came in and the ice packs at the bottom where the meat is stored. All three meals we ordered we labelled in their own separate box inside the original one.

Hello Fresh prides itself on picking the freshest, seasonal produce available to its customers. I was happy with the selection they provided but think there is room for improvement. The Spring Mix salad we received was already going bad so I decided to use my own for the Pulled Chicken Sliders meal. The red bell pepper for the Italian Sausages dinner meal looked okay from the outside but after rinsing it and slicing into it, it was already black and rotting from the inside. So once again I had to use my own produce. Other produce provided was in better shape for the last meal.

On the other hand, the quality of the meat that Hello Fresh utilizes is excellent. The meats come vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness. They also source their meat through Artisan Farms, a co-op of over 300 small family-owned farms across Canada. The meats are raised with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones. My boys really enjoyed the Italian Sausages and I really liked the chicken they provided for the Pulled Chicken sliders.

Each delivery comes with an easy to follow recipe book for your meals. They tell you exactly what additional items you made need from your pantry such as water, olive oil or a large bowl. The team provides you with an estimate time of how much time will be needed to prep and cook the meal, along with how many calories. We really enjoyed using the Hello Fresh recipe instructions.

Overall, we are a satisfied family using Hello Fresh services! We enjoyed the assistance this week of having our meals delivered to our home so we could save time and focus on more important things in our life. The dinner ideas they provided us were delicious. Our favourite this week was definitely the Pulled Chicken sliders! We finished them all. The price you pay is quite fair for the amount of food you receive on a weekly basis. We do think there is room for improvement when it comes to their produce selection but look forward to using their services in the near future when our next crazy week comes along.

If you would like to give Hello Fresh a try use this code to save $50 OFF your first box! Happy Cooking!

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