Simple DIY Shiplap Wall Tutorial

In my world, if I could I would shiplap my entire main floor. Hubby disagrees therefore we compromised with creating a shiplap feature wall in our laundry room. If you missed the before and after pictures from our laundry room renovation we completed this summer, here is the link to see how it was transformed. Shiplap can be a very cost effective upgrade project for your home if you use the right type of wood. Plywood is a reasonable choice and if you are purchasing sheets of it from Home Depot or Lowes they will cut them into strips for you at no extra cost. If you have the option, purchase the thicker plywood option as the thin stuff tends to chip away easier. We wanted our shiplap wall to have wooden grains visible throughout the wall so we chose to use 1×6 pieces of pine wood instead of plywood for this DIY project.

Once you have your wood selected and cut into pieces the next step is to hang them up piece by piece. We had old wallpaper on the wall so we removed it all before starting our shiplap project. We did not prime the wall because we didn’t think it was necessary as we were covering the entire wall. If you are doing a half wall of shiplap, we would recommend priming the wall before you get started. Always start from the top and work your way down the wall. We secured the shiplap wood to the walls using our nail gun. We also recommend having a handful of pennies or nickels with you as this will really help you space out your boards. Once the first boards were installed, we placed a penny along the board to install the next section below it. The penny helps keep the spacing between each board more consistent.


Once the wooden sections of shiplap are up you can fill the nail holes with painter’s putty. Let it dry completely and sand down any sections that may seem too rough. You want the entire wall to look consistent. Adam loves to help us whenever he can and it’s safe to do, so we let him help daddy sand down the wall once it was fully installed.

Last, but not least give your new feature wall a couple paints of coat. We painted our shiplap wall Polar Bear White by Behr in a matte finish. No shine for this project.

With the shiplap wall completed it makes the laundry room feel brighter & bigger. Feels very fresh in the space. We are so in love with the space. 


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